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Security Information

Just like you we take security seriously. Your visitors personal safety and data security should be the highest priority.
We record all visitor and staff activity in real time and secure this in our encrypted data cloud.

visitor activity security Teamgo

Visitor Activity

  • Complete Activity History

    All of your terminal activity for Visitors, Hosts and Couriers is logged securely in real time within your Teamgo dashboard.

  • Hide Visitors & Hosts

    Show or hide your visitors on the terminal check-out screen or your Hosts on the visitor sign-in process. This protects their privacy and creates a more secure sign-in experience.

  • Permissions

    Assign admin and reception roles to your Hosts, protecting your account settings and only exposing visitor activity to those with authority to view it.

emergency evacuation security Teamgo

Emergency Evacuation Lists

  • Who is still in the building?

    Quickly see who is still on site and where they are likely to be based on the Host(s) they have arrived to visit.

  • Generating an emergency list

    Display or print evacuation lists from your Teamgo dashboard, view by individual terminal or all terminals. This can be done on any web browser enabled device with an internet connection.

  • Contacting your visitors

    Your visitors contact details are recorded when they sign-in, if there is an emergency you can view their details such as mobile number. This includes sending all signed in visitors an SMS notifying them of an emergency with a custom message.

identification security Teamgo

Visitor & Staff Identification

  • Visitor sign-in

    When visitors sign-in you can collect various information. This is all recorded in real time in your Teamgo dashboard.

  • Taking Photos

    During the sign-in process you can enable the capture of the visitors photo with the built in camera on your tablet device. This is useful for visual identification of a visitor.

  • Visitor Passes

    Print passes with the visitors details that can be checked against information recorded in your Teamgo dashboard. Visitor passes can include their photo and a generated QR code.

QR code security with Teamgo

QR Codes

  • Visitors & Hosts

    Your visitors can be assigned a QR code when they register on the Teamgo platform. QR codes can be printed to visitor passes or accessed with the Teamgo App.

  • Hosts, Contractors and More

    Just like visitors, your employees (hosts) and other regular arrivals like contractors can be issued with QR codes for fast sign-in and out of your organisation.

  • Teamgo App

    The Teamgo App for Visitors and Hosts creates a QR code that is used to sign-in on the Terminal's built in camera, saving time and offering a more secure way to pass arrival data into Teamgo.

export secure data with Teamgo

Export Data

  • Visitors

    Export your current or historical visitor activity to CSV file format including any custom data you have collected from your terminal sign-in screen.

  • Hosts & Couriers

    Export your Hosts activity both current and historical to CSV file format. You can also export courier activity.

  • Lifetime Data Storage

    As long as you have an active subscription we store your data indefinitely or until you request it to be purged from the secure system. If your account remains inactive for a period of time we will contact you to discuss options.