Asset Booking & Tracking Made Easy!

Facilitate an organised, automated work environment and deliver precise, timely information with Teamgo Asset Booking! Saving time and money starts with your most important asset - employees. Give your staff the tools to locate reserve and locate assets they need most, with software that simply works.

Smart Asset Booking Software

Teamgo's asset tracker allows you to take control of asset booking and tracking at a single office or across multiple locations. The cloud-based platform provides easy to use tracking solutions for physical asset booking from desktop to mobile device. There are no limits on the number of assets you can track that are most important to your business - computers, vehicles, keys, tablets, parking spaces, furniture, desks, and more.

  • Add unlimited assets across multiple locations
  • Web-based asset booking on desktop and mobile
  • Simple booking calendar with full visibility of all booked assets
  • Track booked assets across single office to multiple locations
  • Set booking rules and limits with intervals and availability
  • Add important booking notices and custom asset information
  • Create private or public assets with unique booking links
Asset Management

Asset Management

Teamgo's Asset Booking solution is directly integrated with our office workplace platform. Centralise your asset management with Teamgo, empowering your distributed offices by using powerful asset maintenance software. Contact us today so we can talk about your needs and discover how our solutions can help you maintain, sustain and grow workplace efficiency.

Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence

See how employees use assets in real time. Our Asset Booking solution thinks "intelligently" for you. Teamgo provides you with reporting tools to better understand data that can be translated into real insights. In no time your more informed asset purchasing decisions will move you towards greater operational efficiency, sustainable growth and longterm success of the workplace.

Asset Mobility

Asset Mobility

Teamgo brings mobility to asset booking and tracking. From the desk or working in the field, see and book in real-time on any browser device and improve efficiency by eliminating manual paper-based processes. Mobile asset automation will save valuable time, optimize your operations and help grow your business.

Automate your office with all the features you need in one place.

Join over a thousand companies worldwide using Teamgo's solutions to digitally transform their workplaces - from the front desk to back office - Teamgo manages everything from visitor arrivals to staff attendance, rooms, assets, suppliers, contractors and more.